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MCA Pro Comfort - Subaru

Make & Model

The MCA Pro-Comforts are designed for providing comfort as a priority but they also
incorporate a very enjoyable level of handling for street applications, with a modest range of height adjustment. This boost in handling whilst keeping comfort levels high is thanks to MCAs latest valving, Fusion Valving, alongside a more thorough and dedicated development program.

• Designed, Developed, Assembled & Fully Supported in Australia
• Fusion Valving Technology
• 3 Year Platinum Warranty
• 12 Clicks of Hard/Soft Damper Adjuster (Bump & Rebound together)
• Camber Adjustment via top mount (where possible)
• Camber Washer Bottom Mounts (where possible)
• Damper Adjuster Extenders (where possible)
• Wheel travel range adjustment via bottom mount (pre-set by MCA)
• Height adjustment via spring seat position (base height adjustment is flawed)
• Possible height adjustment range of factory height down to 10mm tyre to fender gap
• (estimate, does vary vehicle to vehicle)
• Reinforced double gusseted lower mounts (where applicable, see vehicle specific details
• tab)
• Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times
• Latest Rugged Spec internal sealing designs and components
• Superior Monotube design

Suitable Applications
• Comfort prioritised street driving
• Enjoyable spirited driving
• Factory height down to 10mm tyre to fender gap (estimate)