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Holinger 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox - Nissan Skyline GTR


Sequential shift dog-change gearbox designed for use in the R32 and R33 Nissan Skyline GTR

For R34, please contact us to discuss further


  • Sequential shift gearbox designed for use in the R32 and R33 Nissan Skyline GTR and is suitable for all types of racing.
  • These transmissions are used with great success in cars with more than 1000hp in drag racing applications.
  • The gearbox is designed to bolt directly to the Nissan RB Series engine at the front and standard Nissan R32/R33 transfer case at the rear.
  • The gearbox is fitted with 6 forward gears and a reverse gear.
  • There are two variations for the arrangement of the 6 speeds: 1.1:1 6th gear. 2.1:1 5th gear, with an overdrive 6th gear.
  • All gears are removable from shafts with an extensive range of ratios available.
  • Gear engagement is performed by non-synchronised face dogs.
  • Gear change is performed by using the standard Nissan gear lever and mechanism.
  • The gear lever is pulled back for up changes and pushed forward for down changes.
  • Neutral is selected from 1st gear position by moving the gear lever to the left and forward.
  • Reverse is selected from the neutral position by pushing the gear lever forward. From reverse gear, neutral is selected by pulling the gear lever back and 1st is selected by pulling the gear lever back again.
  • This system prevents neutral or reverse being accidentally selected when in the forward gear pattern.
  • A gear position sensor is supplied for interfacing with an electronic dash display. Alternatively a stand-alone gear indicator display is available for cars not fitted with an electronic dash.
  • Case hardened nickel chrome steel is used for all gears and shafts.
  • The selector forks are aluminium bronze.
  • Casings are sandcast Aluminium alloy, heat treated to T6 specifications.
  • Clutch splines are normally 1 1/8” x 26, 24/48DP, 30 deg P.A., but can be ordered with standard Nissan splines.
  • The gearbox weight is 46kgs (102lbs).