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M181 ECU W/GPR DIESEL LICENCE (Activated + Licence)


Advances in technology have increased the demands on a vehicle's components, especially the ECU. This demand has reached the point where a single firmware to ECU configuration cannot meet the market's ECU requirements (even with increased capacity and processor speed).

The M1 series was conceived by MoTeC to overcome this one-to-one, firmware to ECU limitation, by designing a system where operational efficiency, advanced features and flexibility are its primary objectives.
At its core, M1 provides the ability to develop a suite of flexible and tailored solutions (packages), making it ideal for any application (however complex) and category management.
Key advantages to the new M1 solutions are:

Latest generation high performance processor
Large logging memory, fast Ethernet downloads
Compact and lightweight in robust magnesium enclosure
Supports direct injection and port injection applications
Supports advanced logging features including Pro Analysis (i2 Pro)
Advanced security system, incorporating an anti-tampering microprocessor
Access log-in levels for multiple users

M181 Features:
- 12 Piezo Direct Injector Outputs
* Max Hold Current 10 Amps / Max Voltage 188V

- 12 Low Side Ingnition Outputs

Auxiliary Outputs
- 6 Low Side Outputs
- 10 Half Bridge Outputs

- 12 Universal Digital Inputs
- 4 Digital Inputs
- 17 Analogue Voltage Inputs
- 6 Analogue Temperature Inputs
- 4 Knock Inputs
- 2 Narrowband Lambda Inputs

- 3 CANBus
- 1 LIN
- 1 RS232

Logging Memory
- 250MB